Having more to choose from is usually a very good thing. And according to theGerman magazine Motorrad, the number of choices will be increasing. They sayMV Agustawill be producing an ADV bike.

The outlet claims to have photos of the prototype machine, which they are not allowed to publish. But they do give some hints, that if true, could mean there’s a new player in the ADV market.

Cagiva brand

In June,Timur Sardarov gave an interviewto Italian news agency Adnkronos, saying that MV Agusta owns the Cagiva brand. And that they were deciding how best to use the marque:

“Cagiva是一个品牌,属于MV Agusta摩托。我们的marketing department is evaluating the possibilities of products with the Cagiva brand, and we are also considering whether to define Elefant as a sub-brand of MV Agusta or as Cagiva Elefant. The decision has not yet been made.” – Timur Sardarov to Adnkronos

So back in June, he at least confirmed that the Elefant and Cagiva brand are under consideration. But now Motorrad is saying that a prototype machine is testing near the MV Agusta factory. And they say from the photos they can’t show that the bike is clearly recognizable as an MV Agusta.

Prototype makeup

The magazine goes on to provide some tidbits about the prototype’s makeup.

“The high, frame-fixed front fairing wraps around the flanks and merges into a bulging tank – just like the competitors dress their adventure bikes. A two-part, stepped bench seat is provided for the driver and front passenger. There are also massive handles for the pillion passenger. What is interesting, however, is what is hidden between the tubes of the steel double loop frame.

The 950 three-cylinder that Sardarov had already announced seems to be at work here. Long spring travel on the USD fork at the front and the central spring strut on the box swing arm at the rear ensure a high-legged appearance without stamping the MV as a Crosser. The observers claim to have made out a 21-inch spoked wheel between the fork legs. Bremspower (i.e., Brembo brakes) supplies a radially hinged double disc brake system.” – Motorrad Magazine (translated from German) – Motorrad magazine

Cagiva Elefant

One of the Cagiva Elefants running in the Swank Rally Sardinia.

Motorrad also points to the EICMA exhibitor directory as another sign that an ADV bike is coming from Sardarov’s factory. One of the planned exhibitors goes by the title “Lucky Explorer Project,” As you may be aware, Cagiva previously competed in the Dakar with Cagiva Elefants. Interesting, isn’t it?

Whatever the project is, an exhibitor from Varese, MV Agusta’s hometown will be showing the machine. And one other final tidbit. At the recently held Swank Sardinia Rally, a team with old Cagiva Elefants competed under the Lucky Explorer logo. And that team was led by the Marketing Director of MV Agusta. Hmm…

EICMA reveal?

In any event, EICMA is not far away. If MV Agusta is genuinely entering the ADV market, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that the “Lucky Explorer Project” could constitute MV Agusta/Cagiva’s entry into the ADV market.

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